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All memberships are to be taken at the Hosptality Desk during any of the concerts. The following rates of membership for students, staff, faculty of IITM and others are effective at present (Aug. 2009):


  • Students of IITM: Rs 500/- (annual)
  • Faculty of IITM: Rs. 100/- per month. (Please note that this can be paid by deduction at source from your income) or Rs. 1000/- (per year on one-time payment). 
  • Staff of IITM: Rs. 60/- per month. (Please note that this can be paid by deduction at
    source from your income) or Rs. 600/- (per year on one-time payment).
  • Others (general public): Rs.1200/- (annual)

Kindly note the following points, as they are crucial to making full and effective use of your membership with Music Club:

  1. Members are entitled to attend any and all concerts conducted by Music Club without any entry fee during the course of their membership. Expired meberships can be renewed by a procedure similar to taking a fresh membership at the time of the concerts. Memberships are, of course, non-transferable.
  2. Immediately after you have completed the formalities and paid the mebership fee, you will be given a membership card with your name written on it and counter-signed either by the Secretary or the Treasurer. Kindly make sure your card has either of these signatories' initials.
  3. Your membership card is your only identification as Music Club member. So please keep it safely. Loss of membership card/request for replacement will have to be reported to the person concerned at the Hospitality Desk at the time of the concert. Replacement of membership cards is at the sole discretion of the authority concerned.
  4. Your membership with Music Club entitles you to regular concert updates through e-mail.
  5. All queries and request for programme schedules should be addressed to the
  6. At present there is no option for lifetime-membership. Memberships expire after a maximum period of one year and have to be renewed thereafter.

We hope you enjoy your association with us as a Music Club Member.

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